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The first-ever music-making enterprise for animal welfare has arrived! Now realizing a long-held goal, Animal Media Foundation (AMF) is a newly formed production company that is creating music to benefit animals locally and globally.

Our goal at AMF is to create music in all genres that will fund animal welfare programs here and abroad. And we want to do it in a way that is unobtrusive and simple for you, the artist, to contribute to a cause that you care about. We know you’re inundated with requests for your time and your dollars to support “pet” projects. So AMF requests and gratefully welcomes your musical compositions, and the royalties they will produce, to create a long-term, sustainable fundraising vehicle.

How do we do it? Armed with musical contributions from you and others just like you, AMF creates CD compilations of original and relicensed songs and instrumentals. We then market the recordings through various established recording companies, programs, organizations and websites. AMF also manages musical venues and arranges concert tours. ALL proceeds from these products and activities are channeled to animal welfare programs in the form of annual grants.

AMF has already received commitments from key industry professionals such as producer and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman; producer John Alagia; and motion picture music supervisor Joel Sill. With the help of these and other music professionals, we are creating a better future for animals right here and right now.


AMF's mission is to inspire and model change in the world to guarantee every animal's birth right to a good life. We translate our mission into practice through our ongoing relationships with animal welfare programs in the United States and internationally. These organizations range from large, well-established programs such as Best Friends Animal Society in Utah to more regional programs such as Art for Animals, based in New York City.

There are many people who have a basic desire to support an organization that will broadly address the issues of animal welfare in a politically realistic way... AMF is such an organization, working to express your concerns for animals.

  As someone who loves animals as much as we do, we invite you to join us on our journey to create a better world for them.
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Will Ackerman
John Alagia
Francis Battista
Rory Block
Norm Christiansen
Katra Faust
Dr. George Glanzberg
Elizabeth Hess
Marshall Krumpe
Corin Nelsen
Jeff Oster
P.K. Pandey
Heidi Hayes-Pandey
Kelley Richardson
Joel Sill
Dave Stewart
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